We are a small independent nurseries and our specialism is growing plants which provide food and shelter for insects, bees and butterflies. Helping the environment by looking after insect life does not mean you have to compromise on aesthetics, for example the Artichoke is a very spectacular architectural plant and is a fantastic source of pollen for bees when a few of the artichokes are left to flower. The English marigold provides the stunning bright orange colour of their French counterpart, but is infinitely better at attracting hoverflies and ladybirds. It just requires a little knowledge and thought before you choose. Here at Grangeside we have done that thinking for you so that all the plants we sell are useful to some and usually many different insects, bees and butterflies. We are always on hand and happy to advise you on what plant to put in what situation. The following pages list many of the plants we have and information on growing them, but we often have small amounts of other varieties not listed here so come and visit to see for yourself. As with all specialist nurseries if you are coming for something specific please phone before you come just in case we have sold out to avoid disappointment.